We used to see a lot of people, men and women, wandering on the streets in the middle of February and searching for gifts for their beloved. The main attributes of St.Valentine’s Day are Valentine’s cards. People give them to their relatives, friends and even strangers. These “hearts” can be made like different cards, toys, cakes, etc. We all used to buy them and give to each other.

But we don’t think that you can imagine how much money these pieces of paper bring to their producers. Cards’ sale is a very good way for businessmen to make money. If it is a holiday, why should not they make some extra cash.

Sale of valentines has always been a money-spinner. Cards’ makers sharpened their skills and competed with each other in originality and beauty of their creations. But sweet cupids, hearts, singing birds and flowers were not always placed on the valentines. Now we can see a lot of comic cards which we bring to our friends and relatives. And this kind of tradition has a very long history. We want to show you old and modern anti-valentines, where you can see offensive poems explaining why receiver could not expect warm feelings from the sender.

smiledandy devil

Shortly before St. Valentine’s Day you can see cards everywhere: from book shop to hardware store. Sale of these cards is really jamming. And because of it anybody can start his own season business – sale of valentines.

The day before this loving day it is very difficult to find a good card. People literally clean stores without paying attention to the price. That is why a lot of IT companies make some kind of digital valentines which you can send to each other in emails or post them in social networks. There can be not only images, but also music and video

Funny valentines

Funny cards for St. Valentine’s Day

Funny cards for St. Valentine’s Day

Funny cards for St. Valentine’s Day

And of course let us introduce cute romantic valentines which help even the most modest people to show their feelings.

Romantic cards for St. Valentine’s Day

Romantic cards for St. Valentine’s Day

The real rusher never misses his opportunity to do his services at the right time and in the right place. And the day of all lovebirds is exactly THAT day. By the way Saint Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day in the USA after Christmas for greeting cards. Greeting Card Association says that annually people send nearly 190 million valentines  to each other. 

That is why we want to wish you a lot of bright ideas, dear businessmen! 

As always, we are waiting for you in our blog. Ask, and we will answer you with a great pleasure!

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