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10 Inspiring Insurance Logo Designs

10 Best Insurance Logo Designs Insurance companies are an epitome of trust. People rely on their services and have complete confidence that their matters will be taken care of professionally and efficiently. Potential clients look for any indication that the company is the right fit for them, especially in...

The Top 10 CBD Logo Designs

In recent years Cannabidiol (or CBD) has been appearing everywhere and has been touted as having numerous health benefits. Unlike THC, which has a notable psychoactive effect, CBD often produces more of a calming and soothing response from people and animals. CBD, originally derived from the cannabis plant, can...

4 Eerie Comparisons to the Tesla Cybertruck

Yep, it’s real. Elon Musk’s newest vehicle launch has gone viral for its outlandish and bizarre design. Meet the Cybertruck   Source: Tesla.com The team here at DesignContest has a love-hate relationship with this vehicle design that looks to be straight out of a Mad Max movie (minus the...

12 Archetypes Of Design And Branding

Who would think that someday, the studies by Carl Gustav Jung would be implemented in design and branding? Not the great scientist himself, for sure. Though the concept of a brand as we know it was born in 1889, it wasn’t highly popular with people at the time when...

6 Packaging Design Trends 2018

Do you believe in love at the first sight? If yes, what makes you fall in love with a person the moment you see him or her? Scientists think it’s all about pheromones. If that’s true, love at the first sight exists in business and sales, too. Only in...

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