A good website can almost be synonymous with a good business in today’s world. Remember to be extra careful to avoid these common mistakes when designing your graphic design website, in order to maximize the appeal of your self-promoted business.




Links that don’t work: We’ve all been to those websites—those websites with the links that fail to really go anywhere or those websites with the links that lead to “error” pages. Sadly, all it takes for many companies to fix these errors is to actually do a “click-through” on their own websites to even realize that these errors exist. Don’t let this be you; double check (or even have a friend check) every single link on your site before widely publicizing it.

Poor grammar/misspellings: This one can be a huge kicker for many people. Poor grammar can easily push people away from even the most professional looking, unique, and inviting graphic design companies. Triple check your website for all of the common grammar errors, being especially careful to proofread for errors such as the following list:

* “your” vs. “you’re”

*“their” vs. “there” vs. “they’re”

* “are” vs. “our”

* “its” vs. “it’s”

* “then” vs. “than”

Lack of Contact Options: You can have the best looking graphic design website, but if you don’t include adequate “contact the designer” options then you have failed miserably. Be sure to have email and phone number information on your page so that potential clients can actually talk to you about potentially giving you their money so that you potentially actually have a successful business.

Overly stereotypical images: Cliché use of images and fonts won’t really get you anywhere in the graphic design business. Stay fresh; stay original. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

Lack of personal statement: People want to work with people; it’s as simple as that. Include a brief personal statement somewhere on your website. This will give your graphics a more personal feeling behind them and will invite potential clients to actually get to know you and your business.

No pricing options/link to discuss pricing: While being vague is certainly in style for lyric writers today, it really won’t help you out any in your graphic design business. Since you can’t usually put a blanket price on all graphic design projects, then include a range of prices with examples listed for both the high and the low end of the range. This will let customers know if you fall within their price range and can save both you and them a lot of time in the end.