When we talk about getting new clients for your business, we often talk about finding your niche, or finding that group of eager people that you can cater your services to. This is one of the best tactics you can take to ensure that you maintain a steady business revenue stream, as well as have fun within your own work. And today, we’re going to give you a special peek at our own client list: Yes, we’re going to be explaining in detail why having a bunch of creative hippies on your client list is the best thing since sliced bread.

  1. They’re Laid Back: Firstly, one of the best things about having creative types on your client list is the fact that they’re incredibly laid back. Throughout the years we’ve worked with any number of quote unquote businessmen, and we have to say—the cut-throat world of revenue and quarters may yield some hefty profits, but we’re not exactly fans. Instead, working with artists who are looking to promote themselves and their services is just about the coolest thing a boy can ask for.
  2. They’re Passionate: When you’re helping an artist, webcomic, musician or any other creative soul spread their work around the globe, it’s a completely different experience. We love working within these groups, as the people that live here are deeply passionate about the stuff they produce. Not only that, but they’re eager to help you create designs that work well with their chef d’oeuvre.
  3. They’re Willing to Work for Their Designs: Often we deal with clients with more money than hospitality. They think that because they’ve given us a big fat check they don’t have to help us out by giving us the supplies we need. With creative types, the money often isn’t there: But what is there is a good recommendation and the happiest of attitudes where materials are concerned. They’re more than eager to give us a sketch, a quick illustration, or just about anything else that we need!