A good business is all about profit, money, and God knows what other benefits. However, there are cases when these advantages coincide with the way to help our environment to get much greener and far less polluted. So, here are the reasons why you should consider to run an environmentally friendly business.

Consumer demand

Despite the fact it would sound a bit cynical, eco-friendly design is becoming more and more popular. It means that those companies that position themselves as environmentally friendly do get much more customers. People tend to choose the businesses that care about the environment (or at least say they do). No matter whether it’s a fashion tendency or a different mindset, it still works in a highly beneficial way for any company.

For instance, take a look at the world famous brand Yves Rocher. They decided to use eco-friendly materials for their packaging design (e.g. tubes that decompose and bring no harm to our environment), as well as providing their customers with healthy quality products. As a result, environmentally friendly products attracted more customers (in spite of the matter their price is a bit higher than an average one in this marketing niche). By raising the awareness of biodiversity, the company has also increased its profit significantly and reduced the packaging waste. This brand has become more attractive to its consumers which got reflected in the increasing sales.

The best part is that such company policy got reflected in 5 million trees planted with UNEP, reduced packaging waste by 78%, and 20 new botanic gardens. Thus, clients benefited from it by receiving organic products; the company got a bigger revenue nature got purified.

Saving costs

If you run your own business, you may not think a lot about reducing your carbon footprint or decreasing the energy consumption. You need to think of getting profit. Thus, being eco-friendly is far from your top priorities. However, you need to step aside and look at the situation from the different perspective. If you do decide to reduce the energy consumption, you will get lower energy bills along with some beneficial tax credits. That means that you can decrease the prime cost of the services or products you provide people with.

A lot of international conglomerates, middle- and small businesses have already taken this step. For instance, the IT giant HP has decided to reduce its energy consumption by 20%. This way, the company will get benefits from the government and, at the same time, will decrease the damage the production causes to the environment.

Public Relations

Being environmentally friendly means being on everyone’s lips. Not only can you make your own input in saving the environment, you can also spread your brand awareness. It works on any business level with any company size. If you run a small business, you can get an article about your company published in a local paper. If you have a larger company, the information can be posted on various sources including highly credible websites. In other words, you benefit a lot from being environmentally friendly.

Press loves covering the projects connected with our environmental protection because they always cause a major resonance. If you do everything in a proper way, the buzz in the media will continue for a long time. This way, more and more people will find out about your business and might get interested in it as well.

Establishing sustainability

Being less dependant on the energy sources means being more sustainable. Whereas your competitors still rely on natural resources, you should understand that the cost of exploiting these natural resources may get increased due to the governmental politics or other factors. Which is why, being independent brings much better results to your own business.

One of the best examples is Walmart. Here is the thing you surely haven’t got a clue about: Walmart is aimed at using 100% renewable energy sources. In fact, this is the way the company thinks of its own future: the faster they get transferred to the renewable energy, the more chances they have to overcome their opponents.

Bottom Line

Making your business environmentally friendly gives you a range of benefits that can be hardly underestimated. DesignContest believes that if at least one of these reasons suits you, your business has great chances to prosper.