Building your brand should trigger an emotional response from consumers. A positive emotional response at all costs because your brand is about a promise – delivering a product they can trust. What influences this response? Yes, it is words but also the powerful design; colors, shapes, complexity and simplicity all in one package. These elements create your brand.

Your brand is not your product, keep that in mind. Your product is created and manufactured, your brand is the overall impression you leave with your consumers.

Essential Building Blocks for Branding Your Business


Building a brand - Define who you are

Entrepreneurs have a very solid idea of what they’re trying to accomplish. Although you may also have a solid idea, you need to look at how you pitch your brand. This is where words become vital. Refine your language, or you’re as good as done.


Building a brand - Consumer Knowledge.jpg

You must connect with your consumers on a personal level. Your consumers also form your brand. The crowd you attract actually is your brand, to some extent. So keep your target audience in mind at all times, learn to think like them, communicate with them constantly as you’re building your brand.

Building your brand - unique input


Why was your product and brand created? What makes it special? What makes you stand out from all the other competitors? There is unmistakably something unique you’re offering, highlight it and make it shine. Your consumers will have questions, and your brand has to answer it without the need for an extensive explanation. Think of a few words that describe it, jot them down.


Building a brand - craft a visual identity

When you have these 3 blocks down and understand the importance of the concepts, devote your efforts to the aesthetics side of things. Start sorting out your visual identity starting with a logo. You must also consider the website, the fonts and colors you use, business cards etc. If applied correctly, the design aspect will communicate all the core values and be evident with just a glance.


Building a brand - deliver quality

Don’t fall back on your promises to your consumers. Quality and consistency should be your top priority. Don’t let your customers down! Consistency and quality is an essential component to building any brand.

It’s a lot easier said than done! Instead of getting too complicated, hopefully this article will give you a general understanding of the fundamental core to building your brand. Start thinking today.

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