Launching a startup is a very responsible business: it stands for your future profit and the actual survival on the market niche you chose. Which is why you need to be aware of the certain tips and tricks that will help you to establish your own startup business.


Everything starts with an idea. It is connected not only to the initial concept of your future startup. An idea also contains the data connected to the market niche you choose and the future competitors you’ll have. All these researches are aimed at creating an original proposition capable of winning the audience’s attention. This stage demands predictions along with various researches – except for the careful data analysis, you also need to have a sparkle of luck.

Business model

The next step is called creating a business model. It combines such three core elements as a target audience, a business standard, and a business monetizing process. You cannot ignore any of these elements for they are those three whales your future startup business will be standing on. Business models demand a careful planning, though this planning is a bit facilitated nowadays due to some special instruments like Lean Canvas or similar. Using Lean Canvas, for example, you build not only a successful business model but also visualize your startup business and secure all the possible risks. Even if you cannot avoid these risks, you are still well aware of them, which makes your startup protected.


The actual startup development is the longest process because it is all about your startup product or service. It also includes the most important startup’s research feature called MVP. The main purpose of the development step is to bring your startup to your investors in the way they would be eager to invest their money into it. Which is why the development stage takes so much time: at the end, it needs to be rather perfect. What you need to do during the development stage is to take your time researching. At the same time, you need to be in a great hurry developing the product: you should make it in time before your competitors do the same – otherwise, your startup will be a complete failure.

startup growth


Creating a loyal user base and boosting your traffic will be two main targets you have on the growth stage. Make everything possible in order to conduct a successful marketing campaign in order to become viral. Don’t be afraid of consulting with marketing specialists you trust – they may give you a few highly useful tips that will develop your startup’s recognition.


Startup analytics contain basic metrics that can evaluate your startup from completely different points of view in order to improve its statistics and gain all the benefits you can. There are 10 main metrics every startup needs to follow. These main metrics include a total number of sellers, listings, active users, orders per buyer, as well as a buyer-to-seller ratio, customer acquisition cost, lifetime to date, gross merchandise value, net profit, and a month-on-month growth.


A fundraising stage is a final step on your way towards a successful startup launch. Startup angels, accelerators, and other investors will be attracted to your startup only if you follow all the previous steps carefully. Startup angels are those people who invest their money first. They are willing to take a risk because they earn much more money due to this process. Still, to attract angel investors, you need to make your startup look more or less secure – because of the highest competition on the market of startups, you will certainly be not the only one who needs money. Think of your future corporate identity, your logo, and the way you’re going to present the company. Your only way out is to be different – this way, people will get interested in your startup and trust you with their money.

Bottom Line

Startup businesses have more chances to fail than to succeed. Thus, you can never be overprotective when it comes to launching your own inventive business. The more you know about your possible risks, the more ready you are to overcome them. Planning is crucial. So is a positive attitude.
DesignContest wishes you luck in creating your own startup business. May it be successful and prosperous!