Too Creative: Websites You’ll Hate

Posted on September 15, 2017

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Too Creative: Websites You’ll Hate

Impressing Internet users nowadays is truly hard. First of all, because they seem to have seen and experienced everything and, therefore, are hard to be surprised. That’s why websites have to get quite creative to be remembered. Colorful images, unusual navigation, quick animation, video backgrounds etc. – those are what connects every highly “original” website. However, this excessive originality often puts people off. DesignContest has decided to show you why overly creative websites can hardly succeed. Get ready to be surprised, for this article will reflect your own thoughts.

Being an ordinary Internet user just like you are, I spend most of my time online and sometimes I come across the websites that still my heart. The worst part is that often there is something really wrong with them but you don’t understand what exactly.

Don’t understand what the website is for

Creative websites are truly great. They are engaging, captivating, and often quite mesmerizing. However, sometimes we do hate them, especially when we don’t know what this website is for.

Website example

Campo alle compete website can boast about having animation of the highest quality. The picture is greatly saturated, with bright colors and unusual shapes. This is all I can tell you about this website. Frankly speaking, I’m not completely sure what the website is dealing with, though I spent some time trying to figure that out.


– The website design is bright, colorful, and very beautiful. It is eye pleasing and can even calm you down. So, you forget about your problems why researching this website.


– There is no hint to any useful action you’re supposed to do on the website. There is also not much explanation that could make your further actions clear. In general, the website turns out to be just a picture. A fascinating, creative, moving, but still – just a picture.

Web design solution

Your website’s goal should be visible and clear. It doesn’t depend on how great or inventive your website is, people need to understand what they can get from your website and what the website is really for. If done correctly, creativity won’t harm your website, it will only emphasize what your users’ real benefits are.

Don’t want to wait for a long time

Too creative websites demand too much of our time. Sometimes, they might be a bit tiresome and time-consuming because we get too involved and lose what the website is all about and why we visited it first and foremost.

Website example

Digital agency Isadora has developed a one-page website Wake It Up to advertise its services. The idea and its realization along with the bottom line are quite clear. You have a “sleepy” website that just cannot wake up. Using a few options given, you try to wake that website up. Having lots of fun, your tries will still be in vain.


– The first time I visited the website, I spent 15 minutes playing with that sleeping face. I tickled it with that small feather, bugged it and even flung sandals. I had a lot of fun and so will you.

– A bottom line along with a call to action button seemed to be perfectly logical. Every 60 seconds appearing on the website it kept reminding me that, in average, one person spends not more than 15 seconds browsing your website unless you manage to capture the attention somehow.


– Time. This is the biggest disadvantage. Having spent 15 minutes on the website, I got tired and moved on. I never used the call to action button, just played with that animation and then turned my attention to something else. A few options that repeat themselves do get boring.

– Call to action button was the strongest and the weakest point of this website. Despite being really captivating, you need to wait nearly 60 seconds in order to click there.

Web design solution

Call to action button is one of the most important features your website has because it’s what helps you to get your revenue. Which is why making this button go for 60 seconds is probably not the best decision to make.

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