A logo means a lot to business. It is the best way to present your company and promote yourself on market. Logo could tell much more than you think to your customers. So what exactly?

● Is this company professional?

● How does company care of itself? (in other words, how company cares about clients)

● Is this company the best choice on market?

● How business savvy is the company?

Yep, logo has answers to all that questions. Moreover, logotype is an element that differentiates business among hundreds of the same. Only unique and interesting image could be remembered by client and attract new customers. The logo should speak for itself, it must show how professional and successful you are.

We’ve picked together 6 infographics on logo design. Nevertheless you are startup owner or experienced designer you must see that before creating or ordering new logo. The more you know the more you grow.

Infographic #1. 10 Famous Logo Shifts of 2014.


10 famous logo shifts of 2014

Source: http://imgur.com/user/designmantic

Infographic #2. What Type of Logo is Right for You?



Source: thelogocompany.net

Infographic #3. How Your Brain “Sees” a Logo.



Source: logomaker.com

Infographic #4. The Recipe For a Perfect Logo.



Source: companyfolders.com

Infographic #5. What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business.



Source: columnfivemedia.com & marketo.com

Infographic #6. The Price of Branding.


price of brandingcoca colaGoogletwitternikeenronnextbrands_71brands_81brands_91brands_101

Source: http://trendland.com/the-price-of-branding-infographic/

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