2015 has already begun. It’s time to set new goals, implement new changes and conquer new heights. But in order to set goals, it is necessary to make the results of the last year and it is natural to have plans for the upcoming 2015.

Firstly, we want to draw your attention to our main design categories that are often chosen by our customers and where designers create great works. We want to offer you our best designs created in 2014. Look, inspire and join us in making our work even better. We will be glad to increase the number of great designs in 2015 with you.

In order to select the winners in this category, we checked all the designs submitted in 2014 and chose the contest winners. Additionally, we took designs we used for our “Decorating office poll” campaign. And one of the most important criterion was the choice of professionals. Criteria for choosing logos: restraint, modernity, compliance with the client’s brief, enabled rules, saturation of  the elements, compliance with the subject and creativity.  

So there are all our designs that were popular and became winners in 2014.

The first category is: Logo


Designed by: SCH                                                                                      Designed by: Iridith


Designed by: ccboy                                                                                     Designed by:    prabhuganga



Designed by: idanism                                                                               Designed by:   GJR

Second amazing category: Website design


Designed by: mohandes

Business stationery become popular nowadays:



Designed by: rajagee

Because of Internet we have such powerful thing as: Banner


                                            Designed by:  serexzo


                                         Designed by:wahyunurcah

We can’t imagine life without phones and

we see so fast evolution of: Mobile apps


                                             Designed by: SpyMouse

Simple but  popular among our customers were

T-shirts contests:

t1                        t4

Designed by: MAHIRHM                                                                                              Designed by:  ideasstudio
t3                 t5

Designed by: notsu100                                                                                                 Designed by: Meow

Viewing our most popular categories, you can also pay attention to variety of specific sub-categories that we have. Enjoy the best designs from that categories:


Designed by: abyons

inforaph Designed by:   Meow


 Designed by:  iNoesis


 Designed by:   wbeehive

We’ve also decided that we would be more convenient for you, if we create thematic pages where you can quickly select and find what suits you best.  We want to draw your attention to  DisignContest thematic pages best designs:


                     Kids Business Logo design  

кидс3              detskiy

                                 Designed by:  dzinekreative                                                                                             Designed by:   JeeJones

              Plumbing company logo design

plumbing1                  plumbing2

                              Designed by:  antoneofull                                                                                              Designed by:    sach  

 House rent logo 

house1                    house4

                                 Designed by: AppleFanB                                                                                             Designed by:       YAD


Vehicle rent logo design

car3              car5

                           Designed by:Pixell                                                                                                Designed by:   Stripe

  Photography logo design

foto3                       foto4

                                      Designed by:   prabhuganga                                                                                Designed by:  FEMAE

   Sport logo design

sport5                      sport7

                          Designed by: PerfectDesig                                                                                      Designed by:  whoosef

 Business logo design 

law2 law3

                                 Designed by:eximius                                                                                                    Designed by: eximius