Poster Designs Worth The Louvre

You do not need to be a fine art connoisseur to know about the Louvre and those masterpieces this museum possesses. Nowadays, you cannot come across so many artists as it was in the days of da Vinci. With the way technologies have rushed in our lives, artists have...

Designer Of The Month: Serexzo – October 2017

A straight talk with a talented designer who’s been with DesignContest for almost 4 years. We’ll talk about the things that worry you. 29 gold, 14 silver, 9 bronze medals so far. If it doesn’t impress you, what will, then? Perhaps, knowing that the owner of those medals earned...

Horror Movie Poster Designs You’ll Wanna Watch On Halloween

There is no better time to watch horror films than All Hallows’ Eve, is there? DesignContest has prepared a wonderful Halloween cinemateque for you along with the poster designs you’ll definitely enjoy!

Infographic: Prepare Your Design Files For Print

In which ways does print design differ from a digital one? How can you prepare your digital design files to print the way they won’t facilitate the quality of your product? DesignContest will answer these questions with one infographic.

Creating poster for a music festival

Summer is a perfect time for music festivals: people camp in tents and listen to their favorite music outside of crowded, noisy cities. Festival goers enjoy this unique atmosphere of good company and amazing sound plus side activities. But how do those events gather so much people at one...

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