You’ve just started your contest.

Where do you go from here?

How do you get the most out of your contest? 

DesignContest is a hub of some very, very talented designers. When you start a design contest, you want to make sure you get the most out of it. This means getting a variety of ideas by attracting more designers to participate in your projects. We’ve compiled a few simple tips to ensure your success, and the success of your contest. It’s an exciting time to watch your design entries flow in, so don’t miss the opportunity to make the experience even better!

How to attract more designers to your contest

Get the most out of your contest - improve your brief

Your success depends on this. You need to make sure your brief is as detailed as possible but gives enough creative freedom to the designers. Do mention a description of your project, your design preferences and your objectives. If you’re not seeing any design entries that you like, something is missing. Don’t hesitate to modify your brief to give your designers a new direction.

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Improve your design contest - give feedback

Designers depend on your feedback! They are always willing to modify their designs if you’re not satisfied. Use the comments section to give feedback, and provide ratings to design entries. Throughout the contest, you have another opportunity to guide your designers by showing them which direction you’re heading in. The ideas presented to you can be improved and challenged, depending on your preferences. 

Improve your contest - use upgrades

Contest upgrades will provide an incentive for designers. This can be done at any point in your contest. Often times, without upgrades, the contest entries will start looking alike. To avoid this, and prevent copies of the same idea use a blind upgrade.

Blind upgrade hides design entries from other designers, which encourages more participation

Guaranteed upgrade makes your contest more attractive as it ensures a reward for hard work

Featured upgrade puts your contest at the top of the contest list

Highlighted upgrade highlights it in the list and makes it stand out from the rest

Improve your contest - increase the prize

All contests have a minimum price package. You always have the choice of increasing the prize amount to attract the top designers. A good way to determine a fair price, is to scroll through our contest list and testimonials to see examples of work within your price range. 

Improve your contest - invite designers

You have the option of reviewing the profiles and works of our designers and inviting them to your contest. For instance, if you need a logo design, you can browse through similar contests and find a designer with similar aesthetics. You can leave comments under their works and let them know you’d love their input!

When in doubt, refer to our knowledgebase. It includes some of the most common questions in regards to contests.