InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop: What’s Best?

One infographic created by DesignContest can answer this eternal question: what graphic design program can help you to create the best graphic design elements. In fact, every design software has its own strong points which should be used to improve the design process.

Fit Small Business: How Design Helps Your Business

Do you know how to run your own small business? Or how to get the biggest revenue? Or how important it is to provide your business with a sufficient design? Or what mistakes turn to be crucial for business owners when it comes to their business’ design? You might...

What You Need To Know Before Creating A Logo

Do you need a new creative logo designed for your company? If yes, you must have already surfed all the Internet in order to find as much information as possible in order to design one. If you still feel that your knowledge isn’t enough, you’ve come to a right...

8 Points Checklist For Your Website Design

What’s the best way to remember to buy milk? – Make a shopping list. What’s the best way to get organized? – Make a to-do list. What’s the best way to launch a startup? – Make Lean Canvas (which basically means making lists as well). Making lists works not...

Secrets Of Designing Favicons

Here is a short quiz for you: The most recognizable part of your website is… – Your website’s logo (dah, people always notice these huge letters in red when they open my website) – Your website’s URL (of course, people remember that simple – Your website’s content (well,...

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