4 Steps to Designing the Perfect Icon

One of the basic skills an adept graphic designer should have in their arsenal is icon creation. Sure, there are many free icons online or you could start a contest for icon design. However, knowing how to do it properly yourself will give you the ability to fully customize...

Design Tools To Make You More Creative In 2018

Among hundreds of design tools that exist nowadays, there are several special ones that make the lives of designers much easier and better. Combining the following tools, you will discover the unexpected talents in your own artworks.

Free Design Tools For Your Next Project Design

Design can be really expensive. Not only if you’re a client who needs to pay designers to get an amazing work done but also if you’re a designer who needs to have exclusive design elements that can be later transformed into great designs. That’s why DesignContest has prepared a...

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop: What’s Best?

One infographic created by DesignContest can answer this eternal question: what graphic design program can help you to create the best graphic design elements. In fact, every design software has its own strong points which should be used to improve the design process.

Best Free Photo Stock Sites

Best free photo stock websites gathered in one infographic – what can be more convenient for both designers and clients than the resources that provide them with images of the highest quality free of charge? Enjoy these photos and tell us which site offers the best stock photos. We...

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