How to design a poster

Poster is a simple printed image which is designed to be attached to the wall or any other vertical surface. It includes both textual and visual components, though it may consist of only one of them. Poster is a frequently used tool of advertisers since they are eye-catching and...

7 Tips Of Presentation Design Which Inspires To Buy

cbbWhen you’re asking for some graphic design, logos, websites and even T-shirts are not somethid new. But there are some other things that affect your brand identity and require an awesome design. The Powerpoint design is one of those small but important things.

Cyber Monday Sales!

We all know that one day after Thanksgiving when everyone dashes for the stores to purchase anything and everything that’s on sale. You can do it online as well! Presenting – Cyber Monday.

Banner Ads – Common and Silly Mistakes

One of the ways to recruit customers on the Web is banner advertising. Good banner advertisements, that is.  Although a common path for many, bad banner ads have spread like wildfire. Sometimes it feels as if they get too involved in the aesthetics, and forget about the ad as a whole. The...

Anatomy of the Banner Ads | Infographics|

Banner ads first appeared on the web in 1994 and since they have been used largely over the Internet. A main thing of the banner ads is to be eye-catching and impressive to create a desire in the visitors to click into their one. But, now people stopped reacting on them...

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