Colorful Geometry In Logo Design

If web design demands a lot of concentration, creativity, and ambitions in order to win the audience, logo design won’t survive without being also fresh and spicy. This unbelievable zest is added to logo designs by the main web design trends; geometry and catchy colors are two of the...

Behance: a Place Where Inspiration Lives

Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, for it can wait for you anytime and everywhere you go. However, inspiration still has its own home where it can be visited. DesignContest knows: inspiration lives on Behance.

Marketing Ideas For Your Food Business Promotion

Have you ever read 99 Francs (or 14.99 Euros) written by Frederic Beigbeder? Though this book is rather sharp, it reveals one common truth: in the 21st century, advertising is everything. If your advertising campaign gets successful, the whole world may find out about your success.

Cool Character Design Ideas

When a story stands behind your brand, you succeed. A story can have various implementations. The most common one is hidden behind a character design. To create a significant character design isn’t a simple task to do. On the one hand, designers are limited only with their clients’ requirements,...

6 Best Medical Flyer Designs

If you need a modern flyer design, DesignContest is a truly right place for that. Great flyer designs help you to lure more customers to the products or services you provide. Which means that flyer designs you create need to be engaging and captivating: everything needed to keep your...

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