10 Ingenious Halloween Flyer Designs

Planning to throw a Halloween party? DesignContest knows several secrets of a gorgeous Halloween flyer design. We’ll gladly share them with you. Take a look at this collection of Halloween flyer designs and we’ll explain their strongest points to you.

Best Free Photo Stock Sites

Best free photo stock websites gathered in one infographic – what can be more convenient for both designers and clients than the resources that provide them with images of the highest quality free of charge? Enjoy these photos and tell us which site offers the best stock photos. We...

Halloween GIF Images

Want to impress your friends with stunning Halloween gif images? DesignContest has prepared a collection of cool Halloween gif images for you. Share it with your friends and may this Halloween be fun for you!

Halloween Office Decorations Ideas

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming! No, we aren’t speaking about Christmas now. We are speaking about something much closer and much spookier. This holiday is loved by both children and adults for it lets you be someone else in a fun and a bit scary way. Yes, you’re...

Creating Illustrations: Graphic Design Lives In Books

What makes a book great? You may say that it’s all about the content and you will be right. However, a plain content won’t help you to sell the book because your potential readers don’t have a clue on what it is about. Sometimes, annotation doesn’t help as well....

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