Decorating Office Poll #39

We have a lot of great winning designs (logo, label, trade show swag, website, infographic and illustartion design) to share with you this week! Choose your favorite and see it on our office wall 🙂

Decorating Office Poll #38

Hey, we are back! And today we have a fresh photo of our office wall with the winning designs pinned. Enjoy our new poll with logo, business card, trade show swag, t-shirt, CD-cover and website designs! 🙂

Decorating Office Poll #37

Logos, flyers, stationery and other design categories are in today’s poll 😉

Decorating Office Poll #36

Today we have logos, t-shirts, website and book cover. Look at the image below and choose the one you like most of all.

Decorating Office Poll#35

Hey! We are here with you again! Today’s poll has a lot of website winning designs. You will also see packaging, icon, clothing, book cover and logo designs. Enjoy and give your valuable votes! 🙂

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