Decorating Office Poll #34

This week we have four logos in our poll. The rest of designs we offer for voting are business card, illustration, website, icon and packaging design. So who is gonna be a winner this week? 😉

Decorating Office Poll #33

This week we have two winners! They both have equal number of votes. We have such situation from time to time. That’s why we’ve decided not to show you our wall for several weeks. Later it will be a surprise for you! 🙂

Decorating Office Poll #32

This week most of DesignContest winning designs we offer for this voting are logos. This is a wall in our meeting room. All of our guests greatly enjoy examining the works of our designers.

Decorating Office Poll #31

Hi guys! Week by week we have more and more designs on our office wall! Thank you for joining our polls and helping us. Enjoy our new poll this week 🙂

Decorating Office Poll #30

Yay! We had a lot of fun, jokes and laugh placing our new winner on our office wall today. Here is our new poll, enjoy it 🙂

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