Decorating Office Poll #29

We got 2 winners again during our last poll. That bacame a good tradition for us 🙂

Decorating Office Poll #28

We are finally back! Hope you missed us :) We have moved to a bigger office and now we have more walls to pin our best designs 😉 Look at our wall in the meeting room, meet our new poll and give your valuable votes! 


Look what a cute animal logo we have on our office wall now! This logo really causes smiles on our faces. Guys from our office keep joking all day long 🙂


We are back and we have great news! Two winners on our office wall again! Here is our next poll for you to vote 🙂

Win iPod with DesignContest | Final Voting

Thank you for all the photos you’ve uploaded trying to win iPod Touch! All the images are great, colorful and creative. Here are our TOP-10 photos you can vote for. We hope you like it. So who will be the owner of iPod? 🙂 ! We would like to...

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