High Converting Landing Page: Infographic

The anatomy of a high converting landing page in one inforgraphic. 9 necessary elements that will make your landing page effective and increase your conversion. Headline, images and videos, benefits, call to action, page fold, links, description, testimonials, and trust elements. This infographic will explain the usage of each...

5 Things To Include In The Design Brief

Spot the difference. Hi there, I need a logo design for my new business, it’s a cafe. It should be cool and my clients should fall in love with it at the first sight. I like Starbucks. Wish you luck! And

iOS And Android Designer’s Guide: Infographic

iOS and Android differ in everything, starting with their user interfaces. If you’re dealing with a mobile app design, you cannot go far without knowing this difference in the basic user interface for iOS and Android. Keeping that in mind, DesignContest has come up with a very helpful infographic....

Designers And Their Role In Product Development

Creating a website or an app doesn’t seem a too hard thing to do. Mainly because software development companies along with freelance designers and developers seem to be everywhere. And yet, you can never be sure which designer you need, for there are so many of them.

Kerning For Dummies Or How To Improve Typography

Have you ever thought of things that make your design informative? The colors you use (they can be correlated with certain feelings and emotions), the symbols you place (they can bring users to certain conclusions), and the content you introduce (it carries the initial information) – all these elements...

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