At The Bottom Of Your Mobile App Design

I bet you’ve heard the notions like “usability” or “user-friendly design” more than once. If you’re a designer, you surely stick to these principles. If you’re a client, you certainly want your product to meet the requirements those principles set down. In most cases, you do your best to...

6 Apps For Creative Professionals

In the 21st century, beauty will no longer save the world. It has been replaced by the force which is twice more powerful, tremendous and explosive: creativity. Though being creative is unbelievably tough, there are some tools that hearten your inspiration. DesignContest wants you to meet 6 apps for creative...

Effective Web Design Techniques You Should Know Of

So, you are a designer. You have great web design skills. You have a vivid imagination and thousands of ideas you want to implement in life. Would that be enough if you want to achieve a considerable success in terms of web design? Sadly, no. In order to be...

5 Most Irritating Things In Mobile App’s Design

Do you know how many apps currently exist in the world? While Apple App store can boast about having approximately 2 million apps, Google play has already got more than 2.2 million. These numbers keep increasing in the geometric sequence, causing the highest level of competition on the market...

Mobile UI Design Trends 2017

Trends in design for mobile devices keep changing. Users switch to better, faster and easier devices that need faster and better apps. That is why designers strive to create an absolutely intuitive and comfortable user experience no one had ever seen before.

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