Business Market Research: What? Where? When?

An ancient Chinese proverb says that you should know your enemy. This way, you’ll know yourself. When it comes to your business, your enemy is less obvious than you think. Your competitors are only a part of a huge machine that stands against you. This machine is called “a...

Design As A Part Of Business Strategy

Want your company to be successful? If so, you must have a firm plan. In this case, let’s talk straight business. Which business strategy do you use for your business development? Is it a growth, product differentiation, price-skimming, or acquisition strategy? Perhaps, you’ve gone even further, combining several of...

What Type Of Logo You Need: Infographic

Take this quiz to find out what type of logo design would be perfect for your company. Need a custom logo design? Click here to get a stunning one.

How To Present Your Company Using A Logo

A logo is your company’s main jewelry. It embellishes your brand better than bars of gold. That’s why it’s highly important to design a gorgeous logo for the company you’re eager to promote. It’s a common truth and everybody knows that. However, you have hardly ever heard what is...

Fit Small Business: How Design Helps Your Business

Do you know how to run your own small business? Or how to get the biggest revenue? Or how important it is to provide your business with a sufficient design? Or what mistakes turn to be crucial for business owners when it comes to their business’ design? You might...

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