Two Prestigious FinancesOnline Awards Given To DesignContest

DesignContest is highly pleased to announce that due to the highest efforts our platform makes to keep our users thrilled to bits with the challenging projects and creative designs we offer, we’ve been described as one of 20 best Freelance Platforms according to the website FinancesOneline.

How Can A Logo Tell Your Company’s Story?

Once upon a time, there was a fairy prosperous kingdom that was called The Company. The kingdom was prosperous and thriving because it was ruled by a wise king whose name was The Chief. All the king’s men were extremely happy to live in that magnificent kingdom and all...

Real Estate Business Saved By Design

Real estate business brings millions to its owners, turning them into billionaires. No wonder the competition in this marketing sphere has been so harsh. Real estate businesses take any chance they can to get ahead of their competitors. Under such circumstances, design seems to be the most effective and...

4 Reasons To Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

A good business is all about profit, money, and God knows what other benefits. However, there are cases when these advantages coincide with the way to help our environment to get much greener and far less polluted. So, here are the reasons why you should consider to run an...

4 Effective Ways To Win Customers With Content

Marketing is a battlefield. Marketing strategies, advertisements, and content get turned into a powerful weapon. If a company wins customers due to its effective marketing solutions, this company wins the whole battle. Yet, here comes a significant question: what to do in order to win your customers with such...

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