How to Use Twitter – Part One – The Absolute Basics

When twitter first came out, most people just didn’t get it and now, there are still a fair few still scratching their heads. Although it’s one of the top social networking sites, this microblogging tool has caused a lot of confusion. Yet, if you know how to use it,...

The 7 Deadly Sins of Print Advertising

At some point in the lives of most growing businesses comes the need for print advertising. Whether you’re creating a direct mail postcard to gain new business, placing a small ad in your local newspaper, or launching a full-color ad campaign in a national print magazine, the difference between...

5 Top Ways to Get Publicity For Free

For a small business, appearing in magazines and newspapers these days, is no easy task. Especially when keeping things low budget. Journalists are constantly contacted by businesses of all types, wanting to appear in their publications. So it seems important to STAND OUT to get the attention of your...

The difference between brand, identity and logo in corporate speak.

With so many marketing buzzwords circulating the web, it’s sometimes hard to exactly comprehend some of the terms, especially when it comes to talking about corporate brand, identity and logo. These concepts apply to every business, no matter whether you’re a multi-million dollar corporation or a one-man show working...

5 Creative & Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Just the fact that you’re reading this blog says a lot about your desire to succeed in your small business. We want you to succeed too, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 easy, creative, and low-cost ways to promote your small business:  

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