The Power of a Purple Logo

What is it that makes a brand choose the color purple to portray its identity? It is a popular choice, no doubt, but like every shade in the rainbow, it has to mean something to someone, somewhere. Spiritually, the color purple signifies a higher, more evolved state. However, physically...

Beautiful Blue Logos For Your Inspiration

*updated December 19, 2019* While writing an article about 12 branding archetypes, I noticed one curious pattern: the random logo designs I picked on DesignContest to illustrate my points were all… blue. Then, I took a look at those logo designs I pass every day on my way to...

Eco-Friendly Product Design

It’s difficult to assume that such a topic as recycling of plastic may be of interest to someone. That’s false because the world is actively developing the idea of protecting the environment, processing harmful materials, sorting out the garbage and so on.

Oh, Deer Logo Design Created On DesignContest

Meet 24 logo designs that use a noble deer on them. All logo designs created on DesignContest. Take a look at the way one animal inspires dozens of companies and hundreds of designers.

Merry Christmas From DesignContest!

DesignContest wishes a Merry Christmas to our dear clients, designers, and all the members of our graphic design community! May your hearts be filled with joy and happiness! Get inspired, get amazed, get captivated by the brilliance of this magical time of the year. With all our love and...

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