iOS And Android Designer’s Guide: Infographic

iOS and Android differ in everything, starting with their user interfaces. If you’re dealing with a mobile app design, you cannot go far without knowing this difference in the basic user interface for iOS and Android. Keeping that in mind, DesignContest has come up with a very helpful infographic....

Social Media Marketing: When To Post

There are certain periods of time on social media when posting is required. These periods of time gather the largest audience. DesignContest has gathered all of them in one infographic to make it easier for you to reach your social media goals.

All Social Media Image Sizes In One Infographic

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+? Which social network is the most popular? Which brings the best results for a business promotion? Which social network is simply the best? Many men, many minds.

Designer Of The Month: Serexzo – October 2017

A straight talk with a talented designer who’s been with DesignContest for almost 4 years. We’ll talk about the things that worry you. 29 gold, 14 silver, 9 bronze medals so far. If it doesn’t impress you, what will, then? Perhaps, knowing that the owner of those medals earned...

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop: What’s Best?

One infographic created by DesignContest can answer this eternal question: what graphic design program can help you to create the best graphic design elements. In fact, every design software has its own strong points which should be used to improve the design process.

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