How To Become A UX/UI Designer

Mastering UX/UI design skills have become crucial for those who want to excel in web design. With a creative infographic from DesignContest, becoming a UX/UI designer will be twice easier for those who are eager to improve their UX/UI design skills.

The Anatomy Of An Effective Homepage

This infographic from DesignContest will help you to create an effective homepage so that readers could act on your business message. Except for three basics of a homepage design like logo, content, and navigation, you need to determine your objectives and your homepage’s purpose.

Designing With Gestalt Principles

Gestalt Psychology used in web design helps web designers to create their entries the way they would beneficially appeal to their customers. “Gestalt” is a German word for “image”, which is why it facilitates the process of visualization and perception. 10 main principles of Gestalt Theory bring a pinch...

Getting Started With A Mailing List

A mailing list keeps your visitors informed about your business’ benefits and changes it experiences. It’s proved that a creative mailing list is capable of attracting people to your website, at the time when a boring mailing list will go directly to a spam folder. Do you know the...

UX Designer VS UI Designer: Who To Prefer?

UX designers always compete with UI designers for their clients. DesignContest will try to show the difference between UX designers and UI designers with the help of a highly engaging infographic. Who is more likely to win, to your mind? Share your thoughts with DesignContest!

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