Mobile UX Checklist In One Infographic

Having second thoughts about your mobile UX? DesignContest has decided to dispel your doubts and make sure your mobile UX design is excellent. In order to do that, we’ve created an extensive mobile UX checklist and incorporated it in one creative infographic.With these clear steps, your mobile UX design...

Infographic: 10 Effective Ways To Drive Your Client Mad

Here are 10 effective ways to drive your client mad. Try not to follow them if you don’t want to scare all your clients away. Share this creative infographic so that your friends will never make such mistakes in their communication with a client. Stay with DesignContest: we’ve got a...

The UX Design Process: Infographic

A detailed guide to the UX design process that includes all the existing steps of the UX development – in one simple and yet precise infographic. Following the steps described in the infographic presented by DesignContest, you’ll learn how to make your UX design process right. The infographic covers everything...

Differences Between HTML & CSS

Do you know what HTML files are? Surely, you do. Do you know anything about CSS? Of course, you do. Still, here comes one more question: do you know the difference between them? To make sure you don’t miss anything important, DesignContest has prepared a highly useful infographic for...

Must-Have Graphic Design Skills In One Infographic

In 2017, being creative and managing Adobe Illustrator is hardly enough to turn you into a great designer. DesignContest wants to introduce 9 must-have skills that will make you distinguished from other designers and will guarantee you a better salary and much more challenging projects.

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