9 Unusual Books Every Designer Must Read

DesignContest has prepared 9 books that must be on every web designer’s reading list. Find out some stunning and useful information with DesignContest!

Know Your File Types: When To Use JPG, GIF & PNG

Puzzled which file type to use, JPG, GIF or PNG? DesignContest’s infographic will help you to solve this problem!

DC Superheroes That Make DesignContest Thrive

Meet DC Superheroes that save the world of DesignContest every single day in order for you to get more challenging entries, creative designs, and superb ideas!

DesignContestMen: Those Behind DesignContest

DesignContestMen are our own Marvel Team. We want you to get acquainted with people who make DesignContest work successfully for you! Stay with our Marvel Team and become a superhero in the world of web design!

Infographic: One Picture Can Say a Lot About Your Company

Do you remember why May, 24 is going to be a tremendous day for those who like tremendous films, fascinating adventures and Johnny Depp? The answer is simple: it’s a perfect day for a long-awaited release of Pirates of Caribbean. To spicy up your expectation of this ingenious film, we display...

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