The Power of a Purple Logo

What is it that makes a brand choose the color purple to portray its identity? It is a popular choice, no doubt, but like every shade in the rainbow, it has to mean something to someone, somewhere. Spiritually, the color purple signifies a higher, more evolved state. However, physically...

Branding Of National Airlines

Air conveyance is becoming an increasingly perspective business for investors. Not surprisingly, the increase in demand aggravates competition among market players. As a result, in the market, we see a virtual war of brands for potential passengers. Let’s look at the example of the two giant airlines and what...

33 Green Logos Designed On DesignContest

*updated December 19, 2019* Green logos are even better when created on DesignContest. Previously, we showed you our best red and blue logo designs. Now, it is time to go green!

Eco-Friendly Product Design

It’s difficult to assume that such a topic as recycling of plastic may be of interest to someone. That’s false because the world is actively developing the idea of protecting the environment, processing harmful materials, sorting out the garbage and so on.

12 Archetypes Of Design And Branding

Who would think that someday, the studies by Carl Gustav Jung would be implemented in design and branding? Not the great scientist himself, for sure. Though the concept of a brand as we know it was born in 1889, it wasn’t highly popular with people at the time when...

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