Design As A Part Of Business Strategy

Want your company to be successful? If so, you must have a firm plan. In this case, let’s talk straight business. Which business strategy do you use for your business development? Is it a growth, product differentiation, price-skimming, or acquisition strategy? Perhaps, you’ve gone even further, combining several of...

Brilliance Of Wine Marketing Campaigns

Intensely aromatic, with traces of creativity, striking on the palate, with a persistent aftertaste. This is what a perfect wine marketing campaign should look like. If you don’t believe that such exist, take a look at the wine marketing campaigns we’ve chosen for you below. Enjoy and remember: DesignContest...

WANTED: Packaging Designs That Sell

Question: Can your product survive without a brilliant marketing solution? Answer: Theoretically – yes. Practically – hardly. Marketing was invented in order for people to promote and endorse their products so that they could gain a higher income. Brilliant marketing was designed in order for manufacturers to win the...

Web Design And Music: This Is Love

Web design influences the visual part of our perception; therefore it is rarely thought that design can impact other 5 senses. Surprisingly, it can, and the closest connection appears to be in terms of music.

How Can Design At Less Than $299 Save Your Sales?

All that glitters isn’t gold. This well-known English proverb comes from the times of Shakespeare and has’n lost its relevance ever since. It’s been proven hundreds of times that the most expensive things aren’t always the most prosperous ones.

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