Branding Of National Airlines

Air conveyance is becoming an increasingly perspective business for investors. Not surprisingly, the increase in demand aggravates competition among market players. As a result, in the market, we see a virtual war of brands for potential passengers. Let’s look at the example of the two giant airlines and what...

Most Popular Font Types In America: Infographic

How do you know that a person you talk to is from New York, for example? Or from Texas? If this person says “Why are you grilling me?“, you understand that he or she is from NY. If you hear “I don’t have a pot to piss in“, you...

33 Green Logos Designed On DesignContest

*updated December 19, 2019* Green logos are even better when created on DesignContest. Previously, we showed you our best red and blue logo designs. Now, it is time to go green!

6 Books To Change Your World View

Every single day, we keep learning new things and changing ourselves. We meet new people, try new food, visit new places and live fascinating lives. Sometimes, things we face help us to change much faster: we can never be the same after learning new things and reading new books....

Poster Designs Worth The Louvre

You do not need to be a fine art connoisseur to know about the Louvre and those masterpieces this museum possesses. Nowadays, you cannot come across so many artists as it was in the days of da Vinci. With the way technologies have rushed in our lives, artists have...

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