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Poster Designs Worth The Louvre

You do not need to be a fine art connoisseur to know about the Louvre and those masterpieces this museum possesses. Nowadays, you cannot come across so many artists as it was in the days of da Vinci. With the way technologies have rushed in our lives, artists have...

5 Essential Questions To Define Your Brand

Do you know how to present your company to others? Do you know how you can get more trust and develop a firm social media strategy? DesignContest has prepared 5 questions that will help you to achieve that!

8 Design Trends Of 2017 That Had Better Die

Graphic design trends are capricious and changeable. However, they can be also easily predicted which can protect clients from a range of fundamental mistakes in their product designs. Though design trends usually come and go, some of them stay for longer. DesignContest has spotted 8 design trends of 2017...

Famous Graphic Design Quotes To Get Inspired

*updated* January 6, 2020 In order to get inspired, we sometimes take a pattern by those we admire the most. There are a lot of graphic designers and those related to design who can inspire us with their greatest achievements. Moreover, they can also inspire us with their experience...

5 Controversial UX/UI Trends Predictions 2018

2018 is going to surprise us millions of times. The UX/UI design sphere is no exception. That is when DesignContest has prepared 5 controversial UX/UI design trends for 2018 for you that are going to raise some hype.

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