5 Must Watch TED Talks For Designers

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” – Ceceil B. Demille TED Talks are always full of new ideas and is the ultimate sources of inspiration online. If you’re finding it difficult to start work, stay motivated or just generally are in need of fresh ideas – take a look at these.

Designer of the month – FullHeads – July 2015

Today our designer is FullHeads. Meet great artist and creative website wizard! 🙂

Designer of the month – VladTodirut – June 2015

Today we have another special designer giving us an interesting interview. Meet our great website designer VladTodirut who creates amazing designs not only for DesignContest contests but for DesignContest website. Yes! Our designer profile page has been designed exactly by him! 🙂

Designer Of The Month: Lizonil (May 2015)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally! Today we have an interview with our #1 designer! Meet our wonderful, professional and creative designer Lizonil!


Being on the same wavelength with your graphic designer is a very important part of the working process. You might have seen an earlier post on how to deal with a hard client, and today’s insights are about creating a better understanding between the client and the designer because not...

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