What makes a good designer?

Lot’s of newbies ask me “What makes a pro designer?”. Well, let’s be truthful to ourselves, in order to become a professional designer one needs time, patience and lots (and I mean LOTS) of practice. It takes a lot of learning from your own mistakes and overcoming all the obstacles...

Designer of the Month – DesignLion – June 2016

“Design is my joy and I love the opportunity to create while contributing to the success of others”. These words are the motto of our June interview designer. Meet our great, professional and creative logo designer DesignLion :) 

Designer Of The Month – hollander – March 2016

Hollander – our March designer – is a person, whose works are valued not only by the clients, but also by many professional designers of our community.

Designer of the Month – bulletproof – February 2016

Today we have an interview with a great self-taught designer bulletproof. Great logos, cool car wrap designs, T-shirts and so on – all of this is made by our creative bulletproof! Moreover, he gave a lot of useful tips to our newbies 🙂

Designer Of The Month – RoManiac – January 2016

This designer was among January most active winners. He is kind and polite. Meet our great logo designer from Romania.

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