How To Create A UI Button Kit Of Your Own

In the era when nothing seems to be able to impress us, we can be amazed by a simple… button. Buttons are everywhere; they are extremely popular among fashion-connoisseurs. Once, I found a button on eBay that cost $2 400 (not bad for a single button, huh?). In web...

Business Conferences (July, 17 – 23)

Your business cannot develop without the new skills you keep getting all the time. DesignContest wants to make sure you won’t miss anything gripping next week. So, meet 2 conferences in the USA that deserve your attention! The Startup Social by ExitEvent July, 17 – Raleigh, North California The...

Linked Together: Interview With Ravi Chahar On Using LinkedIn Right

You know this awkward feeling when Barack Obama is among your 3rd connections on LinkedIn? Impressive, right? It proves once again that LinkedIn is worth paying attention to. Which is why DesignContest asked Ravi Chahar, a web development specialist and a blogger who has also succeeded in the sphere...

How To Create A Duotone Effect In Adobe Photoshop

Duotone text effect has been considered to be the latest summer trend in graphic design. Therefore, DesignContest decided it’s high time you learned it, especially taking into account the fact that even beginners in graphic design are capable of doing this.

7 Free Creative Fonts For A Better Design

What makes a good design? Would the imagery of the highest quality be enough? Sometimes, you need to add a bit of imagination as well. And a creative font – you cannot do without it for sure. DesignContest can help you with both. Download 7 fascinating fonts for free...

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