Designer Of The Month: Babba – February 2018

In February, meet Sandra, a wonderful designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. You may know her as Babba, a great person who can surprise you with the witty answers and even more captivating designs.

Designer Of The Month: HerbertNordal – January 2018

In January, we want you to meet HerbertNordal, a graphic designer who will impress you and inspire. Herbert has been with DesignContest since July 2009. This means that he knows more about design crowdsourcing than one could ever expect. He has won 13 gold, 20 silver, and 16 bronze medals...

Designer Of The Month: Senadneslan_Juventus – December 2017

December is a time for miracles. That’s why this month we’d like you to meet miraculous graphic designs by our designer of the month, senadneslan_juventus. Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this person has won 23 gold, 30 silver, and 12 bronze medals so far, along with our hearts. He...

Designer Of The Month: Mmkdesign – November 2017

Do you want a professional custom logo design that will be able to highlight your brand? Do you know the future concept of this design or is it still supposed to be developed? Do you need any advice as for the color, style, or technical features of your future...

Designer Of The Month: Serexzo – October 2017

A straight talk with a talented designer who’s been with DesignContest for almost 4 years. We’ll talk about the things that worry you. 29 gold, 14 silver, 9 bronze medals so far. If it doesn’t impress you, what will, then? Perhaps, knowing that the owner of those medals earned...

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