Clients & Designers: How To Fall In Love With Each Other

What is the main difference between design and art? At the time when art asks questions, design offers solutions. Thus, a communication is crucial when it comes to designs. You cannot solve a task if you don’t clearly understand what it is about. For freelance designers, this point is...

Interview With Designers: Creating Logos For Kids

A logo creation is an extremely difficult process that takes lots of your efforts. Different logos are connected by a common feature: their audience. Thus, there are some logos that turn to be really special not because of their content but because of their audience. These are logos aimed at...

Designer Of The Month: Operhal – April 2017

In April, we’ve decided it’s high time you met a brilliant designer who, with a help of her vivid imagination and original way of thinking, has won the hearts of her clients along with 74 (!) golden medals on DesignContest so far: Selma Operhal. Selma lives in Bosnia and...

Designer Of The Month: Lizonil – March 2017

In March, we decided to tell you about one of our most active and talented designers on You may know her by Lizonil who has won 75 golden medals so far (!) but her real name is Elizabeth Anderson and she lives in the charming United Kingdom.

What I wish I knew before I became a designer

Every profession has ups and downs. When we first apply for a Bachelor of Arts degree, designer seems like a creative and unique occupation. However, after taking a step into deep waters of dealing with clients and orders – our opinions change. What does it really take to become...

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