33 Green Logos Designed On DesignContest

*updated December 19, 2019* Green logos are even better when created on DesignContest. Previously, we showed you our best red and blue logo designs. Now, it is time to go green!

Poster Designs Worth The Louvre

You do not need to be a fine art connoisseur to know about the Louvre and those masterpieces this museum possesses. Nowadays, you cannot come across so many artists as it was in the days of da Vinci. With the way technologies have rushed in our lives, artists have...

Famous Graphic Design Quotes To Get Inspired

*updated* January 6, 2020 In order to get inspired, we sometimes take a pattern by those we admire the most. There are a lot of graphic designers and those related to design who can inspire us with their greatest achievements. Moreover, they can also inspire us with their experience...

Beautiful Blue Logos For Your Inspiration

*updated December 19, 2019* While writing an article about 12 branding archetypes, I noticed one curious pattern: the random logo designs I picked on DesignContest to illustrate my points were all… blue. Then, I took a look at those logo designs I pass every day on my way to...

Oh, Deer Logo Design Created On DesignContest

Meet 24 logo designs that use a noble deer on them. All logo designs created on DesignContest. Take a look at the way one animal inspires dozens of companies and hundreds of designers.

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