Top Biggest Motion Design Trends For 2018

There is no design without a proper movement. To turn your product into a client-oriented interactive unite, use the one kind of design that is all about engagement: motion design. DesignContest offers you to cast a glance at those motion trends that are appreciated this year the most.

Yoga For A Logo Design

Yoga logos should reflect peace and tranquility. There are so many options that it is often difficult to understand what logo design your yoga business should obtain. However, even if you have no ideas at all, DesignContest can help. Let us show you several great yoga logo designs created...

Spring Trends In Web Design For 2018

Want to catch up with the web design trends? Mission almost impossible. The thing is that trends in web design keep changing rapidly due to the fact that websites are always aimed at surprising users, holding their attention, and making them press the sacred call-to-action button. These spring trends...

33 Green Logos Designed On DesignContest

*updated December 19, 2019* Green logos are even better when created on DesignContest. Previously, we showed you our best red and blue logo designs. Now, it is time to go green!

8 Design Trends Of 2017 That Had Better Die

Graphic design trends are capricious and changeable. However, they can be also easily predicted which can protect clients from a range of fundamental mistakes in their product designs. Though design trends usually come and go, some of them stay for longer. DesignContest has spotted 8 design trends of 2017...

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