8 Web Design Trends For 2018 (Infographic)

8 main web design trends you should be ready for in the upcoming 2018 in one infographic to help you understand what your future website design is going to be like.

18 Best Animal Logo Design Ideas

Animal logo designs are turning in a huge logo design trend for 2018. They have always been popular but in the upcoming year, they seem to be on a dream run. That’s why DesignContest has gathered 18 animal logo designs for you created on our platform to inspire your...

Top 5 WordPress Web Design Trends We Met in 2017

You might not believe this, but the surveys don’t lie, they clearly show that WordPress powers more than a quarter of all the websites in the world. That’s millions of websites! Chances are, half of those websites you use every day are powered by WordPress. Naturally, there is an...

6 Logo Design Trends For 2018

Fashion changes faster than weather in London. So, why should you follow those changes? Why should you be aware of them? Graphic design is all about making your product appealing to both your current and future clients. Thus, you need to keep up with the graphic design trends if...

Mobile Apps Design Trends 2018

Mobile app design trends for 2018 will amaze you. They are bold and daring but at the same time exquisite and refined. Check out the following trends in mobile app design and get ready to the upcoming changes!

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