5 Controversial UX/UI Trends Predictions 2018

2018 is going to surprise us millions of times. The UX/UI design sphere is no exception. That is when DesignContest has prepared 5 controversial UX/UI design trends for 2018 for you that are going to raise some hype.

InterFACES Of The Future

How many faces does the future of design have? As it turned out, just one. What will define the user interfaces of the future? Is it all about their colors, fonts, or the elements placing? To tell you the truth, neither of them influences the interfaces of the future....

8 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2018

From the time the first promotional t-shirt was created in 1939 for the Wizard of Oz, people have been designing shirts to promote various brands and events as well as for fun and profit. Even with so many decades of trends to look back on, it isn’t always easy...

6 Packaging Design Trends 2018

Do you believe in love at the first sight? If yes, what makes you fall in love with a person the moment you see him or her? Scientists think it’s all about pheromones. If that’s true, love at the first sight exists in business and sales, too. Only in...

Cosmic Ultra Violet: Design Ideas

2018 opens the whole galaxy of design ideas. They are deep, rich, and extreme, capable of mesmerizing anyone. The possibilities 2018 gives us in design are infinite. No wonder that the color of the year 2018 chosen by Pantone is as cosmic and powerful as those design trends followed...

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