Web Design Trends Predictions For 2018

The future has already come. In omnia paratus. This Latin phrase that literally means Ready for everything can be highlighted as a motto for web design trends 2018. The next year promises to surprise us with every single graphic design trend that is getting more and more popular. Which...

Dial-Pad Design That Will Surprise You

For people who belong to nowadays’ developed nations, having a smartphone is as trivial as having dinner or wearing socks. We need smartphones for both our work and personal lives. We need them to keep in touch with our friends, to stay up-to date to the work issues, and...

Graphic Design Trends 2017 In One Infographic

DesignContest would like you to take a look at the most brilliant trends in graphic design in 2017. Minimalism in logo design, vintage and patterns in website design, and an infinite stream of photos of a high resolution – this is all about making your product better by following...

Five Graphic Design Trends Popular This Summer

This summer, graphic design trends have been undergoing significant changes. It is highly possible that those trends that existed before soon will be gone. They are making way for completely new tendencies that are twice more dazzling, expressive and daring. DesignContest is eager to introduce these tendencies to you!

A Perfect Match: Ombre, Sombre And Web Design

The right combination of colors is always capable of saving the day. Therefore, the most fashionable runways have recently been filled with collections that follow two viral trends: ombre and sombre, that later have spread to other fields of our lives, including web design.

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