Designer Of The Month: Serexzo – October 2017

A straight talk with a talented designer who’s been with DesignContest for almost 4 years. We’ll talk about the things that worry you. 29 gold, 14 silver, 9 bronze medals so far. If it doesn’t impress you, what will, then? Perhaps, knowing that the owner of those medals earned...

Designer Of The Month: Victoireking – September 2017

In September, we want you to find out more about DesignContest magnificent logo designer who has reached level 10, having earned 18 Gold, 27 Silver, and 14 Bronze medals so far. This true talent shares the second name with Stephen King (who, by the way, should have considered this...

Designer Of The Month: DavArt – August, 2017

DesignContest is a platform for you to develop your professional skills and get turned into a proficient designer everybody will want to work with. Here, you can grow up and get developed, no matter what your actual design background is. We stand for the diversity which is why the design...

Two Prestigious FinancesOnline Awards Given To DesignContest

DesignContest is highly pleased to announce that due to the highest efforts our platform makes to keep our users thrilled to bits with the challenging projects and creative designs we offer, we’ve been described as one of 20 best Freelance Platforms according to the website FinancesOneline.

Designer Of The Month: Sajad – July 2017

Our Designer Of The Month in July is a person who is able to bring your ideas to a completely different level. Sajad is a person who has won 35 gold, 25 silver, and 39 bronze medals so far and has reached the highest possible level on DesignContest platform....

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