Negative space animal masterpieces

We have made several Facebook posts some time ago concerning negative space in logos. Here are some another examples of negative space for your inspiration. These tiny pictures were created by George Bokhua

Logo concepts of current interest

Every business starts with inherent attributes such as mission, slogan, logo, company color scheme, etc. All this components form company image and settle subconsciously in clients’ minds. Company logo itself is not a brand yet. But it is a link to client’s loyalty and strong instrument of the client...

Web design of today

Business activity requires a lot of actions connected with clear data access organization. Company websites are called to be the first source in searching info about certain products or services. Simplicity and client-focusing framework consider to be the most important points in web design. Some of recent trends in...

Case Studies: Great Use of Color in Branding

Color is just one of many tools that can identify your brand. It can be from the use of a single consistent hue, or a scheme of multiple colors. But most of the brands with strong color ties are those that use one dominant color. In this case study,...

Cool Logos That Use Mascots

Does your business have a mascot? It’s actually a pretty popular concept. Mascot logos can be among some of the most memorable out there. Some of the most popular mascots include animals, human characters and robots. Most mascot-style logos work in one of two ways – with an actual...

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